About Living L'Anse Creuse

L’Anse Creuse is more than just a school district, it is the glue that holds together the four townships of Chesterfield, Clinton, Harrison and Macomb.

We are a family. A community. A lifestyle.

We may have varying demographics and geography, but we have one thing in common: our investment in the future. We know that our children are the voices that carry the tune of the community, and we will continue to provide them with unique opportunities to discover their passion to learn, both inside and outside the classroom.

Living L’Anse Creuse is a fresh new way to share the experiences and achievements of our students, staff members and community members. With this new format, we will highlight compelling stories from throughout L’Anse Creuse on multiple platforms and mediums.

We hope that you enjoy learning all about what it means to be Living L’Anse Creuse and encourage you to share your stories with us.


Kelly Allen


Melissa Tilley


Michael Kaufman




James Coller
is a 2013 graduate of L’Anse Creuse High School — North, where he spent two years as the Editor-in-Chief of the North Star newspaper under the direction of advisor Kim Kozian. James is currently pursuing a PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering with a focus on Naval Autonomy at the University of Michigan. James is also a freelance photographer, continuing to pursue the passion for journalism that Ms. Kozian helped to develop.




Kathleen Kitty Reifert MCTE.jpg

Kathleen “Kitty” Reifert is a teacher of English, literature and writing at L’Anse Creuse High School — North. She has taught for 20 years and has been with L’Anse Creuse since 2008. Kitty was recently selected by the Michigan Council of Teachers of English as the Creative Writing Teacher of the Year for 2018. When she is not in the classroom she is a wife, mother and Mimi, and in her free time enjoys photography and crafting poems.

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